Fusion3 List Building Service

You are not satisfied with the quality of your target leads list supporting your account-based marketing outreach. Or, you have a special outreach program developing that you need quality leads for. In either case, Revenue Fusion3’s proprietary custom leads list building process can address your needs.

The large database services have often do not have the filtering capability to meet your needs, and of course they have high %’s of bad/outdated data ranging from 7-20%. These realities waste your valuable time and delay results. Our proprietary custom leads process combines our lead tech’s expertise with our proprietary search / quality processes. Our processes are executed on current available data, minimizing data obsolescence.

Revenue Fusion3’s Custom Leads Service

  1. Meet with Client to understand the need and define,
    • Client’s product and/or service
    • Goals of the Client’s program
    • Target organizations
      • Vertical markets
      • Size
      • Location, Etc.
    • Target individuals
      • Title(s)
      • Level
      • Qualifying criteria, Etc.
    • Number of leads
      • Quantity per month
      • Limitations (e.g., maximum # of leads per organization.)
    • Other
  2. Revenue Fusion3 generates a sample of 10-15 leads for Client feedback / approval.
    • If not acceptable the sampling is repeated until approved
  3. Revenue Fusion3 delivers the quantity of leads using the approved sample specification.
  4. Pricing model
    • $ TBD per lead depending on degree of difficulty and quantity.