Launching Your B2B Company in the US

You have a differentiated B2B product, referenceable customers, and funding and you believe your product can be successful in the US. You want to find out, but you are concerned about the risks involved in entering the US market – as you should be.

The risks include:

  • Americanizing your product, sales process, support and US presence, including
    • Language
    • Collateral material
    • Regulation, Security
    • Business process & culture
    • US location, bank account
    • Legal & finance support
  • Only creating a sales plan when a business plan is needed
    • Ensure the business planning expertise is available
    • Do not hire a sales leader too early
  • Financial
    • Inhouse
      • The first-year cost of hiring a sales leader and launching the US market can be at least $500K up to???
      • You are then highly dependent on the quality of that person. Does he/she have successful experience in
        • Launching a product? From a foreign country?
        • Marketing?
        • The business aspects?
        • And sales?
      • If not, you may spend $ and valuable time and still not know if your product is viable in the US market.
    • Outsourced to Fusion3
      • The first-year cost is a fraction of the inhouse cost.
      • The time-to-market is less.
      • And Fusion3 has the functional skills to design, launch and execute.

Fusion3 Solution

Fusion3 has combined our management, product launch and lead generation experience with marketing, sales & legal consulting resources and lead generation vendors. This powerful mix of capabilities, with our client’s experience in its local market, enables Fusion3 to deliver customized business launch plans to Americanize the offering, launch the product, debug the process, scale the business and eventually transition the US market position to our client’s organization. This allows us to deliver a quality launch while minimizing the addition of fixed costs and without the risk and expense of adding US employees until the product acceptance is proven.

High level view of the Fusion3 US launch process
  • Business Plan
    • Objectives– 3-Year Revenue, Investment, Risk, Organization, Etc.
    • Goals (1st Year) – Revenue, Metrics, Cashflow, Etc.
    • Program – Phases, Schedule, Resources, Responsibilities, Etc.
    • Product -Competitiveness (In Local Market, US), Functions, Pricing Model, Etc.
    • Americanize – Language, Culture, Practices, Legal, Transactions, Etc.
    • Marketing – Target Segments & Personas, Lead Generation, Pricing, Etc.
    • Sales – Direct & Partner, Playbook, Support, Etc.
    • Other Functions – General Management, Financial Management, Legal, Etc.
    • Financial Model – Detailed Revenue Build-up (Lead Generation to Closing), Metrics, Costs, ASP, P&L, Cashflow, Risk Analysis
  • Americanize & Setup
    • Americanizing your product, sales process, support & US presence per Business Plan
    • Setup resources, procedures & reporting for Launch per Business Plan
    • 3-6 weeks
  • Launch
    • Launch per Business Plan and Setup
  • Monitor, Assess, Adjust, Scale
    • Analyze reporting
    • Assess leads, messaging, receptivity, conversions, metrics, issues, closings, Etc.
    • Adjust as mutually agreed
    • Add scaling resources as metrics goals achieved
  • Transition to Client Organization
    • Per Business Plan and mutual agreement