Services to help you to achieve your goals

Revenue Fusion3 is a b2b revenue optimization consultancy that partners with executive teams to elevate sales, marketing, and product/service performance through delivery of actionable intelligence, expert guidance, and program implementation.

Our revenue growth solutions provide exceptional value to executive teams, and newly appointed CEOs, through our independent analysis of the actual state of their companies, with the aim of expediting decision making and go-forward planning.

Our comprehensive solutions include Revenue Assessment, Relationship Pipeline Assessment, and Sales Development Representative program design. These sales, marketing, and customer success consulting services deliver the strategic analysis, planning, and tactical execution capabilities required by business leaders who have a responsibility to increase revenue.

Our trusted management team has worked together for twenty years growing companies from concept to successful exit by applying deep expertise in value creation, from the sharpening of business strategies to reimagining customer engagement and retention. We analyze all aspects of the customer journey, identify areas for optimization, create a tailored action plan, and help you to execute that plan.

Our leadership team

Bob Gomes

Managing Partner

I use my experience as an entrepreneur and CEO / senior executive in diverse organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations to help our clients strengthen their vision, strategic initiatives, revenue growth, and profitability.

Bonnie Rodden


I use my senior executive sales and management experience to help our clients implement and build highly successful process-oriented, metrics-driven SDR, inside sales, business development, channel, and direct sales teams.

The Fusion 3 Approach

The concept of “people, process & technology” are the three keys to successful project implementation, organizational change, and solving complex business problems.

When people interact with process, you scale. You stop reinventing the wheel. Instead, with process, you accelerate growth.

When people interact with technology and data, you innovate. You begin by creating new ways of doing familiar things, and then people open their minds to new ways of doing new things.

When processes interact with technology, you automate. Using analytics, AI, and workflow, you execute processes more quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

When you successfully manage the interactions of all three, you grow. You win.