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Building a Successful Sales Development Program that Creates, Accelerates, and Delivers More Revenue

More than 70% of all b2b sales development programs are deemed failures by senior executive teams in their first 12 to 18 months.

Most of these failures are rooted in a lack of knowledge and experience.

  • C-Level executives who struggle to understand how a sales development program strategically fits within their business
  • Sales leaders who do not have the time or experience to run the program effectively
  • Sales development leaders who have never built a program before from ground zero
  • Marketing leaders who are frustrated generating “leads” that go nowhere

If you are creating a new sales development program or currently have an underperforming program that needs a reboot, how confident are you that you will get it right this time?

Instead of crossing your fingers, hoping you can find and hire the right person to build or rebuild your existing program, or hiring consultants you may not be able to afford, we offer a viable alternative.

Our Two-Day Revenue Fusion3 Sales Development Program Executive Workshop is designed using our best practices learned from decades of building and rebuilding sales development programs. Your instructors collectively have designed, implemented, or managed over fifty sales development, appointment setting, and inside sales programs. Our workshop modules are designed and taught by our multi-disciplinary team, covering processes, technology, and people.


Our trusted management team has collectively designed, implemented, or managed over fifty 50 revenue growth programs – SDR Programs, Appointment Setting Programs and Inside Sales Programs.

Bob Gomes, Managing Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Revenue Fusion3

Bonnie Rodden Schapman, Partner, Chief Revenue Officer, Revenue Fusion3

Alan Brooks, Partner, Chief Marketing Officer, Revenue Fusion3

The team worked together for fifteen years growing companies from concept to successful exit by applying deep expertise in value creation, from the sharpening of business strategies to reimagining customer engagement and retention.

As the CEO, VP of Business Development, and VP of Marketing of RenewData, we grew the business from a start-up to a company with 300 clients and revenue of $30M in four years, and a ranking of #135 on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies. The SDR Program was a major factor driving the rapid growth of revenue.

What You Will Learn

  • The roles and responsibilities of the people and departments essential to building and managing a successful sales development program
  • Best practices for recruiting, onboarding, and training new sales development representatives
  • How to connect with your buyers using targeted outbound and inbound programs, as well as empowering sales with the tools and training they need to succeed
  • The tools and metrics required to manage a successful sales development program

Who Should Attend

Sales and marketing leaders and senior executives who want to learn how to maximize sales performance by developing and implementing an efficiently run sales development program

    • VP/SVP/EVP of Sales
    • VP/SVP/EVP of Business Development
    • Director/Manager of Sales Development
    • VP/SVP/EVP of Marketing
    • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • VP/Director of Sales Operations

What Is Included

  • Participation in the two-day workshop
  • Bound copies of the training materials
  • Examples of worksheets, playbook, and checklists to use in your program
  • A one (1) hour complimentary post-workshop coaching call

Workshop Modules

Day 1

And Away We Go! Welcome and Introductions
Where the Rubber Meets the Road Aligning Your Organization’s Sales Strategy with SDR Program Objectives
Beam Me Up, Scotty Sales Development Technology
The Glengarry Leads Lead Acquisition and Management
How to Fall Out of a Boat and Hit Water SDR Program Marketing Content
From 0 to Opportunity The SDR Pipeline
What Gets Measured, Gets Managed SDR Metrics

Day 2

SDR Rockstars Already Have Jobs Effectively Recruiting and Hiring SDRs
Oh, The Places You Will Go Onboarding and Training SDRs
“Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Vince Lombardi Monitoring and Coaching SDRs
The Nuts and Bolts of SDR Program Management Managing Your SDR Program

Click Here to download the syllabus and full schedule (PDF).