Fusion3 Sales Development Representative Program

Our Sales Development Representative (SDR) Program is a comprehensive sales and marketing solution designed to improve sales process efficiency and generate more sales opportunities, resulting in a more robust sales pipeline and increased revenue. The program also creates greater process transparency and measurable return on investment for more informed decision-making at the executive level.

We offer both customized turn-key SDR Programs and hands-on SDR Training Workshops that leverage our extensive professional sales, sales management, marketing and senior management experience in a variety of industry verticals from start-ups through Fortune 2000 companies. We cover sales strategy, sales methodology, cadence, processes, metrics, KPIs, technology, tools, workbooks and coaching.

  • Our turn-key SDR Program is tailor-designed to the needs of your business. We work with you to develop your choice of a custom program from scratch or our analysis and assessment of your current sales operations and processes, including a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.
  • Our 2-day on-site SDR Training Workshop covers proven strategy, methodology, and processes your organization can use for measurably increasing sales productivity.

Our Typical Client Scenarios

We often find a client’s sales and marketing functions will utilize inefficient or dysfunctional practices. An example is sales professionals spending valuable time qualifying leads or educating them on new marketing initiatives and product launches. Reasons for these types of issues may include:

  • Sales professionals spread too thin. This can happen when sales professionals must shoulder the entire process, including identifying and qualifying leads, moving prospects through the sales pipeline, making presentations, and closing complex deals.
  • Little or no infrastructure. Executives who are building a company and wearing many different hats may take on the sales role too. However, they frequently do not have time to qualify leads and schedule qualified meetings for themselves.
  • Underperforming sales and marketing team. The current process is not managed properly and the return on investment is low. Meetings scheduled for sales professionals are not with qualified decision-makers and the meeting prospects do not come to meetings with a solid understanding of the solutions that are to be pitched.

Our SDR programs will help your team to work much more effectively. Any existing marketing and sales support functions will learn to qualify, educate, and move leads into the sales pipeline, including scheduling qualified meetings with your sales professionals. If you currently lack a marketing or sales support function, we’ll present options based on our experience and best practice recommendations. Crucially, your sales professionals will learn to focus their time on preparing and giving professional sales presentations that move fully-qualified prospects through the pipeline and generate more opportunities and closed deals for the growth of your business.

How SDR Works

Custom Designed SDR Program:

Our team of seasoned sales and marketing professionals works with you and your team to assess and improve on your organization’s current sales operations and processes. Based on our findings and achieving a clear understanding of your sales and marketing goals, we will develop a turn-key SDR Program tailored to your specific needs. Our clients can often see immediate improvements, such as sales professionals spending their time 30% more efficiently by focusing on fully qualified leads and opportunities with a much higher average ROI potential.

SDR Program Components:

  • Assess and analyze current sales operations and processes to provide a thorough report on findings and best practice recommendations
  • Develop customized, turn-key SDR Program, consisting of some or all of the following components, as best suits the needs of the client:
    • Assess current sales and marketing performance against metrics requirements
    • Create job descriptions and incentive program
    • Create messaging based on marketing priorities (email, scripts)
    • Source and manage inbound/outbound leads
    • Create Rules of Engagement with sales, marketing, and channel partners
    • Develop metrics, KPIs, processes, cadence requirements
    • Create reporting system (daily, 10-day moving average, monthly, quarterly)
    • Train team on sales methodologies, processes, and cadence requirements
    • Provide ongoing coaching and feedback
    • Train a sales team manager
    • Recruit, hire, and onboard sales professionals
    • Create sales and marketing playbook