Fusion3 Relationship Pipeline Management Program

Management teams often have processes in place for tracking their sales opportunity pipelines. But as a precedent to being able to bid on opportunities, crucial is also the development of relationships with key decision makers. However, it is not uncommon for businesses to lack the means necessary to define and manage their relationship pipelines. Ideally, business executives should understand at what exact stage each relationship is at. Yet without knowing this information, and without any segmentation by sales territory, a business may be unable to determine whether their relationships will be sufficient to support the goals of their sales plan.

Revenue Fusion3 can provide management teams with a system and processes for managing the development of relationships with their prospective decision makers. Our aim is to provide your team with the means of cultivating the bidding opportunities required under your sales place. We do this by enabling you to monitor the status and development of key relationships so that you can assess if the quantity and stages of these relationships will be enough to support the goals of the sales plan.

How we can help

Revenue Fusion3 will create a scalable, customized process to define crucial Relationship Stages, assess the stages of each prospective decision maker, keep stage judgments updated and generate longitudinal reports on status. This approach enables you to have more effective territory development analysis and measurement of your nurturing program’s effectiveness.

Solution components are customizable and can include:

  • Quantitative, longitudinal relationship pipeline stage data and reports by decision maker and territory
  • Definition of your company’s decision maker relationship stages from “Unidentified” to “Proposal / Quotation / SOW Submitted”
  • Coordination with sales operations to add relationship stages into your sales force processes
  • Procedures and best practices
  • Reporting structure and frequency
  • Implementation planning and execution